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Hydrostar AG

hydrostarag_logoHydrostar AG is a high performance dampproofing membrane made specifically for the residential and light commercial construction industry where protection of the subterranean structure is being considered in the absence of hydrostatic pressure from ground source water tables. It also has specialty uses in the tunneling and mining industry for aquifer control of ground moisture during tunnel construction and shotcrete application of mining shaft walls.

The 6-Digit Star shaped dimple structure of the Hydrostar AG is the key to providing a high compressive strength dimple sheet with a lower profile (7 mm) than other HDPE sheet systems for greater compression resistance and dimple integrity, and the only one that is manufactured in an ISO Certified 9001 production facility. This guarantees our customers that the Hydrostar AG undergoes a rigorous quality control process during production which can be easily traced to resolve production issues before the final product reaches our customers.

installHydrostar AG is made from select base stock polyolefin resins which are 100% recycled, which contributes to a reduction in the carbon footprint due to raw materials and manufacturing, which is complimented by our ISO 14001 Certification of our production facilities. This means that you can maximize your contribution of LEED points to your LEED projects with confidence, taking the guess work out of considering which products really do contribute to your goals of building environmentally and economically efficient projects for your clients.

ccmc_logoHydrostar AG has been evaluated by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for its dampproofing and drainage properties, and is approved for use as an alternative equal to those materials specified in the Building Codes as dampproofing and drainage materials. This ensures that the material has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure it meets the demands of the building industry for performance, durability and effectiveness.

made_in_italyHydrostar AG provides excellent drainage capabilities to assist in keeping ground moisture from coming into direct contact with the foundation structure, and redirecting this moisture to the perimeter drainage system to keep your building interiors dryer and warmer. Hydrostar AG also acts as a protection board over many kinds of waterproofing where protection is critical to the function of the entire “below grade moisture control system”.

Hydrostar AG has a large array of uses within the construction industry such as: