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Hydrostar Seal

Hydrostar Seal is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion membrane developed for use as a high quality below grade waterproofing barrier. Hydrostar Seal’s low vapor permeance, outstanding adhesion, and superior combination of hardness and flexibility make it a great choice for any below grade waterproofing application. Hydrostar Seal is an air cure membrane that will be fully cured in 24 hours. It can be used in conjunction with many types of protection/drainage boards to achieve the best system for your specific applications. The addition of rubber polymer to the base emulsion enables the membrane to:

• Elongate up to 2000%
• Bridge shrinkage cracks (up to 1/16”)
• Control water migration between the coating and application surface (localize leaks)
• Impede water at high heads due to improved water vapor permeance
• Comply with EPA Model Standard for radon control in new home construction
• Self-heal

Hydrostar Seal

Hydrostar Seal is manufactured to the highest quality control standards and in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. ISO certification ensures that each gallon produced meets the highest quality control standards in the industry. Hydrostar Seal is compatible with a wide range of insulation, drainage and protection products. Your applicator can design the waterproofing solutions best suited to each project’s specific application requirements and budgetary constraints.

• 62% solids content for even application and good coverage of concrete/concrete block surfaces
• Excellent Hydrostatic Pressure resistance – Meets ASTM C 1306 for resistance over cracks
• Bridges Cracks up to 1/16” (1.5 mm) with no signs of failure of the membrane
• Excellent Bond (Adhesion) Strength to resist removal/damage during construction – Meets ASTM C 836
• High resistance to water passage through cured membrane – Meets ASTM D 2939 Section 15
• Water Vapor Permeance – 0.29 perms – Meets ASTM E96
• Quick Cure Times allows construction schedules to stay on track – 2 to 24 hrs
• Can be easily used in conjunction with our Hydrostar AG Dimple Sheet drainage layer system