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Hydrostar Drain 6000 DB

Hydrostar Drain 6000 DB is a robust three dimensional drainage geocomposite membrane for the commercial, light industrial and infrastructure segments of the construction market. It is made of a polypropylene dimpled core with an adhered polypropylene needle punched (non-woven) geotextile chosen for its filtration and water flow characteristics. The combination of the two components provides long term drainage for shallow or deep foundations where maintaining the maximum flow rates is paramount to the protection of the structure it protects. The geocomposite can be used as a stand alone component or in combination with other waterproofing components for a systems approach to ground water control. The polypropylene material is an excellent material with great chemical resistance properties to suit most construction environments.

HydroStar Drain 6000 DB

Hydrostar Drain 6000 DB provides a consistent and reliable drainage conduit for ground water to be redirected to outlet or control drains. The non-woven geotextile bonded to the core provides filtration of soil particles so the core space is not compromised and maximum drainage of ground water is handled by the Hydrostar Drain 6000 DB. The high compressive strength of the core material resists long term creep which keeps the flow of ground water within the core consistent and helps resist intrusion of the fabric into the inplane flow of water once inside the dimpled core. This gives you the assurance that the drainage geocomposite is functional for the expected design service life of the structure you are protecting.

The Hydrostar Drain 6000 DB is suitable for applications of ground water control for retaining walls, caisson walls, pile and lagging walls, bridge abutments, blind side application for both interior or exterior conditions, as well as reduction of ground water pressure on subsurface structures. The Hydrostar Drain 6000 DB is also an excellent protection board for application over waterproofing systems on walls, tunnels or civil applications. For special application conditions not covered by this technical data sheet, contact Alexwill Distribution Inc. for additional assistance with your project or application. Our trained staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the best application method for your expressed use.