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Our Mission

The mission of Alexwill Distribution Inc. is to provide the most advanced and cost effective solutions to our customers in the construction industry, in the pursuit of building now while keeping in mind the benefits of our choices today that will have an impact on our environment tomorrow for the next generation and beyond.

Making informed choices when it comes to construction materials and methods is only possible when the knowledge and experience of all stakeholders is taken into consideration, and for Alexwill this starts when we form relationships with our clients, not simply business interactions. Alexwill has always, and will continue to do business on the basis of relationship building with our clients, to impart knowledge and experience to our clients for the betterment of our society, while keeping in mind the end result desired by our client and the needs of their clients.
At Alexwill we have made a commitment to ensure that all of our activities and products delivered to the construction industry are responsible, and take into consideration the newest trends in Green Building and the LEED building initiatives that have come to the forefront of today’s Codes and Design Professionals. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction, without sacrificing price, quality, technology, or craftsmanship. For this reason we have sought out the very best in manufacturing, equipment and personnel so we can continue to ensure that our customers will always be at the forefront of new technologies and be able to offer these benefits to their clients for the competitive edge so vital in today’s economy.
Relationship building is the future for the construction business, not simply the status quo. We have a desire to do it better!