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About Us

Alexwill Distribution Inc. has a deep rooted past in the Canadian Construction Industry with construction operations serving the Ontario region with unparalleled quality in the waterproofing and subterranean protection business. The construction division has more than 20 years of infield experience within the residential industry providing dampproofing and waterproofing to over 30,000 homes in the GTA and surrounding area, with many more in areas outside the GTA.The dampproofing and waterproofing services includes the use of spray applied technologies from LeFarge Materials & Construction which is CCMC evaluated, meeting the lowest VOC ratings as outlined by the new proposed Canadian Standards on VOC products, along with prefabricated plastic sheets for added protection of the waterproofing and to provide the necessary drainage as the first line of defense in foundation protection.
We also provide restoration services to the foundation industry by extensive use of epoxy and polyurethane injection systems for sealing and waterproofing cracks in foundation walls, retaining walls, storage tanks, and other below grade areas where cracks are common with poured concrete. Concrete block, although not as common today in construction, is also a specialty of their construction division, using many products which are used to repair leaks in concrete block walls of all kinds.

Alexwill Distribution Inc. has recently taken steps to expand its’ presence in the Canadian Construction Industry by acquiring a “sole distributorship” agreement with Gutta International Gmbh of Germany to have them manufacture and supply to Alexwill a complete line of recycled HDPE plastic dimple sheets specifically designed by Alexwill and named Hydrostar AG for distribution to the North American waterproofing industry. These membranes have been evaluated by the CCMC and approved as a Code alternative product. We expect the obtain the same evaluation result for the US market in the coming months.
This will allow Alexwill to expand its sales and distribution arm of the company utilizing the high end manufacturing technology and superior research and development capabilities of Gutta International Gmbh to ensure that the products supplied to the construction industry are of the highest quality. The plant where the Hydrostar AG product will be manufactured is located at their Gutta Werke SpA facility in Filago Italy, which is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified operation, with the corporate headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland AG.made_in_italy
The future plans of Alexwill Distribution Inc. beyond dimple sheets is to provide a complete line of construction products for the construction industry with the idea of pursuing the “whole home” concept of protection from the foundation through to the roof. With an industry leading partnership and the addition of personnel to expand our technical expertise in these fields, Alexwill looks forward to enhancing the construction experience for all of our existing and future customers in the industry.
The future looks bright at Alexwill Distribution Inc. Watch us grow again!